End of Day 1 of iCore -- Homework Summary
1) Homework #1 involves SKILLS 21-33 and is the LESS IMPORTANT HW assignment
You have already been sent the instructional videos for items 21-33
On Day 2 of iCore at Lunch, we will see which individual will win the $33 by knowing the 33 skills.
Anyone is welcome to try. No one is required to do so.
If 5 of you want to do so, we put your names in a hat and pick a random order to see who tries first.
Once someone answers the 33 questions, the game is over.

2) Homework #2 involves FINDING AN APP you have never used before and becoming a "mini--expert" on it.
One way to find an APP is with our website at teachingcompany.com/apps
It contains many links for FINDING AN APP you have never used before..
A second way is to go to GOOGLE and try phrases like BEST APPS FOR FRENCH VERBS
A third way is to use the App Store on your iPad and the categories
A fourth way is to send me an email saying "Hi Steve, could you find me an app that deals with _________"
You can also use any of the apps in CATEGORY 2 or 3 from the original APPS TO INSTALL sheet.
Please do NOT pick any of the 27 apps that were required to be put onto your iPad.

Once you find the APP you want to use, then we want you to use YOUTUBE to learn about it
from a few of their tutorials.

The goal is you becoming a mini-expert on this app.

**** NOTES ***
We have SPHERO, TIGGLY and OSMO to loan you if you want.
We have an IXL ACCOUNT you can use with LOGIN and PASSWORD so you can explore beyond the 20 question per day limit.
Just ask!