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Summercore 5-day Technology Workshop at Horace Mann School

Summercore 2013 at Horace Mann School, July 15-19 Celebrating our 29th year of offering classroom technology training and professional development, the Summercore team offers your faculty and administrators a unique experience, one that focuses on the learning needs of each participant. The program is about humanware, helping to help teachers and administrators integrate technology in the classroom and their professional lives.

This year the focus is on iPads and classroom integration strategies, digital publishing, collaborative learning with Google Drive, adding the power of Google Earth to your curriculum, exploring age appropriate online learning activities, guidelines for enriching your current curriculum with web resources, safety and copyright issues, and the world-famous Summercore carnival. Plus, Summercore is just plain old fun. Ask one of over 3,500 independent school teachers and administrators who have attended Summercore since its inception in 1985. We pride ourselves on creating a warm and welcoming environment, conducive to the very best learning your faculty will ever experience.

Sign up now for your 5-day Summercore Marathon at Horace Mann School in Riverdale, NY during the week of July 15-19.

Summercore at Milton Academy and the iPad sessions at Horace Mann School are now wait list only.