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Misunderstanding #1: Summercore is just in the Summer
"Not really"
See for Fall and Winter Summercore 2011
See for One Day Summercores at your school any month!

Misunderstanding #2: Summercore is 5 Days the way it has been since 1985
"Yes and no"
Yes, we have Summercores in NYC July 11-15 and in St. Petersburg July 25-29
There are currently 2-3 openings in each one if you act quickly!
No, there is now a two day 21 hour SummerAdminCore in August focused on Tech Leadership: Administrator + Head of Technology
See re dates in August in St. Petersburg FL, San Francisco CA and Concord MA

Misunderstanding #3: Summercore is just for beginners
"Not really"
We just finished a Summercore at The Spence School in NYC and one tech person writes "I'm a very open-minded person when it comes to technology.  I have a master's in information science, and I love incorporating technology into my work as an education.  I learned SO SO MUCH this week, and the week reminded me that it's more important than anything else to know how to learn and how to stay up do date."

Misunderstanding #4: Summercore is not for beginners
"Not really"
We just finished a Summercore at The Nightingale-Bamford School in NYC and one participant  writes "I loved Summercore: fun, informative, and  interesting. At first, I was a little nervous since I'm not very tech savvy, but then I became relaxed with your positive and smart approach. Your team teaching works well. If you are overwhelmed the first day, don't worry about it. It's a lot of valuable information. By day two, you're in the groove and already starting to generate ideas about your curriculum with current technology. It's fun!"

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