2nd Grade Book Project with Bamboo Paper Lite and Explain Everything

Second-graders used the apps Bamboo Paper Lite, Camera (standard loaded with every iPad), and Explain Everything to compose their own "book" based on authors Eric Carle and Kazuo Iwamura's Where Are You Going? To See My Friend! The children began the project by reading the book with the librarian. Then she sent them off to various teacher friends in the building so, like in the book, they were visiting friends. The children used the built-in camera app to take pictures of their teacher friends. For the next part of the project the Chinese teacher and second grade teachers organized a time when the children could use the Bamboo Paper app to draw pictures that in some way represented the teacher they photographed. In Bamboo Paper, when you try to color in your picture deeper, it makes an interesting blend, and we felt that looked kind-of like the type of illustrations that Carle uses in his books. The children saved those pictures to the camera roll. The next phase of the project was to practice saying in Chinese sentences that were similar to those in the book, such as "I am going to see Ms. Doe. She teaches art." Some of the students practiced with the built-in Camera (Video) app to record themselves (iPad down so no distracting video- only audio). Once all students were comfortable with their lines, they ventured on to using Explain Everything. Pairs or small groups of children were responsible for composing one slide that contained the picture they took of a teacher friend, their bamboo drawing, and a recording.

The students love this part, because now they see it all coming together. Within the Explain Everything app the students inserted the bamboo paper drawing, which served as the slide background. Next they inserted and lasso-cropped the picture of the teacher so that it fit into the background (many of the students were quite clever with this part- fitting the phys. ed. teacher into a baseball diamond, sitting the librarian on a rocking chair, etc.) Once the drawing and photo were placed, they worked on recording their sentence in Chinese and again in English. The end result was one slide per group. Each slide represented a different "page" of the book. Later, the teacher uploads each file, per student iPad, to her own google drive (the students could have done this work, except the iPads were already set in Explain Everything to upload to the homeroom teacher's gdrive account, not the Chinese teacher’s gdrive, so to save time she did that work) Finally, from the Chinese teacher's own iPad on the Explain Everything home screen, she opens each of the student files so they are all on her home screen, and drags them onto each other to merge them into one Explain Everything presentation. The teachers (librarian, Chinese) wanted this to be a relaxed, ongoing project. They used 6-8 class periods (20 or 30 minutes) for the completion of the project.

From Terri, Online Alum, Ensworth School, TN (Tech Integrator)